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It’s not winter December 8, 2009

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It’s not! I can tell by the fact that I didn’t need to wear a jacket on the way to work today. I wore one to work yesterday, but I didn’t really need it either. And I walked home in a dress and bare legs last night. I think you should know I keep a weather update thingie in the bottom right corner of my web browser, so I can snigger at you through the next six months! (It’s -30C in Saskatchewan right now! Ha ha! In England? I don’t know, but it’s lovely out… if a bit drizzly)

I wish the weekends would last longer, though. One of the troubling things about daylight savings over here is that it gets dark around 4pm. Which means that when I get out of bed on a Saturday, I’m guaranteed only a few hours of sunlight before it gets dark and scary outside. Anyway, this Saturday, the house had a party. One of the housemates themed it: Bad Taste.

I set about collecting a bunch of awful motivational posters to stick on the wall, and thought about a costume. I even set to work constructing this abomination (click)* to carry around in a glass. It turns out to have been really tasty over ice with a dash of maple syrup. But when it came time to actually have the party, I lost all enthusiasm. I was there and, I think, a decent host for a few hours (at least, I poured a lot of drinks, and introduced a bunch of people). And when it was time to go to bed, I was sure glad for that. Upwards of thirty people do fit in my house, but it makes for a pretty crowded place.

It was a pretty quiet weekend after that.

Last night, I was at a going-away party for a friend. She’s moving back to Saskatchewan for good (this is not L, so stop getting so excited, L’s Dad) It was black tie, so I got to wear a pretty dress for the first time in a long time. I wore it with my grubby Converse because the formal shoes I have were no good for walking (and I needed to walk several blocks from the bus stop to the party). By fantastic coincidence, Ax was similarly mis-matched, with his brown trainers and tux. We high-fived. There was a Christmas gift exchange as well (Chinese exchange, which means you get to steal presents!), where I ended up with a Volcano Dinosaur Set (plastic volcano and a dinosaur egg that fizzes up when wet – you get to build a dinosaur in the end) and Ax got a bottle of wine. More high-fives over that!

And tonight, thanks to a perfect storm of laziness and lack of foresight, I’m sitting in my room writing a pretty boring journal post. You’re welcome! 😀

*for those too lazy to click, that abomination is bacon infused bourbon. All you need to do is render about an ounce or two of bacon fat (the smokier the better) and pour it into a 22 of bourbon (750ml or so). Let it sit for a while (I left it for 5 days, but you could do longer if you wanted to get more flavour out of it), then freeze to congeal the fat, and run it through something like a coffee filter or a J-cloth to strain. Serve over ice with a dash of maple syrup. Add a dash of bitters if you’re feeling crazy.


4 Responses to “It’s not winter”

  1. mlw(L's dad Says:

    yes i did get excited. i can’t wait to see L this sunday. it has been too long and yes she does have to move home.

  2. Cousin K Says:

    Wow. That abomination you speak of fits quite well in my quest to add bacon to pretty much everything in my life. Well done, my friend.

    • kaffeebohnen Says:

      bacon improves all 🙂 I think do leave it longer than 5 days – the flavour was really subtle in mine. I think a couple weeks minimum for bacon fat steepage would be ideal.

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